The LPFIT team passionately loves the Lord, and desires to engage, encourage, and equip others to find 

Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow, and Purpose for Life!


    BOOTCAMP. YOGA. PERSONAL TRAINING // My family has been a part of Lifepoint since it's infancy. Being part of this community that constantly points my family to Christ has been a source of great encouragement to me as a wife, a mom, and a friend. As on of the coaches for Lifepoint Fitness, I desire to equip others to live healthy and whole lives for Christ, realizing that Jesus wants to be Lord of every area of our lives - body and spirit. To connect with Steph, visit (ACE-GFI, RYT-500)

  • KRIsten gartland

    RUNNING // I love using fitness as a tool to share the hope of Jesus. It's a gift to able encourage others by engaging in exercise as a way to worship. I am on mission encouraging others to love God and live healthy and whole lives, so that when He says "GO" we can go. Glory to God. (ACE-GFI)

  • Krista Mertz

    FREEDOM WORSHIP //  What I love about Lifepoint Church is their commitment to spiritual healing from a holistic perspective, including physical and emotional health. God wants to meet us in EVERY aspect of life. When I think of dance and what it offers, I think of how God created us to worship Him with our full self; body, mind, and spirit. My heart is to create a space where people can come together and move in freedom and grace as an act of worship to God. 


    WELLNESS KICKSTART // One of the things that drew me to LifePoint Church was that they also had a place for Fitness. I already had a love for all things related to health and this was really eye opening to me that health and fitness go together with God. Our bodies are a temple and we need to take care of them physically and spiritually. I started going to bootcamps, and the community was something I’ve never experienced before. The love and kindness is like no other. It has helped me grow even closer to God, & I wanted to continue growing and helping others grow and love themselves and their bodies the way God loves them. This lead to join this amazing team and help spread the good word. To connect with Shannon, visit (NTP, NASM-CPT, PN1)

  • Juli RusselL

    SENIOR FITNESS // I came to LPFit looking for a bootcamp to “fix” my body. After my first workout, I left with the goal to get my heart & mindset healthy, realizing my body would naturally follow. This was the beginning of a fitness journey centered around God. I loved the genuine spirit of LPFIT, so I decided to try Lifepoint Church and it only took one visit to know that I was home. As I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ and in my fitness journey, I want to partner with others in helping them optimize their health and well-being so that they can find and run the race that God has designed for them. (ACE-GFI)

  • Lisa Wuebbels

    CARDIO KICKBOXING // When I found LifePoint Fitness, I knew I was home. Not only did I get the Bootcamp workout, but I also received a community, friends, and a family that loves God just as much as I do. Being a mother of 5, I never took my health or fitness seriously. But because of the love I received from LifePoint Fitness, I realized I mattered. But most of all, I matter to God, and God wants me to be healthy. I am eager to share God's love and encourage people to become healthy through fitness with their mind, body, and spirit.    

  • DR. KALLIE Fischer

    COMMUNITY EDUCATION // “The power that made the body, heals the body”, given that the body has the proper resources and movement. I am extremely passionate about holistic health and educating people on the body’s amazing ability to heal. What I love most about Lifepoint Church is their love for every single person that walks through the door, in all aspects of their life, spiritual, mental, and physical health. All three aspects of health are essential for a well-rounded life. My goal for LPFit is to help educate people on lifestyle and health choices that will allow the body to function at its fullest potential. God made us in His beautiful image and I believe that we don’t give our bodies enough credit for the amazing power that lives within us. Healing our bodies allows us to live out His purpose for our lives and turn others to Him.