The LPFIT team passionately loves the Lord, and desires to engage, encourage, and equip others to find Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow, and Purpose for Life!


    BOOTCAMP. YOGA. // My family has been a part of Lifepoint since it's infancy. Being part of this community that constantly points my family to Christ has been a source of great encouragement to me as a wife, a mom, and a friend. As on of the coaches for Lifepoint Fitness, I desire to equip others to live healthy and whole lives for Christ, realizing that Jesus wants to be Lord of every area of our lives - body and spirit. 


    YOGA. // My passion as your yoga instructor is to create open spaces within, using movement and cultivating stillness and rhythms of rest in your life. With these things present, those open spaces are now free to receive real Truth. This Truth gifts us restoration, renewal, and freedom, on and off our mat!


    BOOTCAMP // One of the things that drew me to LifePoint Church was that they also had a place for Fitness. I already had a love for all things related to health and this was really eye opening to me that health and fitness go together with God. I can’t believe I never really thought of putting the two together, but it totally makes sense. Our bodies are a temple and we need to take care of them physically and spiritually. I started going to bootcamps and the community was something I’ve never experienced before. The love and kindness is like no other. It has helped me grow even closer to God. And I wanted to continue growing and helping others grow and love themselves and their bodies the way God loves them, so I decided to say YES to becoming a part of this amazing team and help spread the good word.

  • KRIsten gartland

    RUNNING // I love using fitness as a tool to share the hope of Jesus. It's a gift to able encourage others by engaging in exercise as a way to worship. I am on mission encouraging others to love God and live healthy and whole lives, so that when He says "GO" we can go. Glory to God.